Established in 2017 by Aaron Randall & Emily Haskell
Faded Studios is young British streetwear label that stands true to being unique and individual while combining The British Streets with American Culture.
Designed in the UK

Aaron -
‘We have both travelled the world in previous years looking for inspiration for our range but we eventually decided to design products similar to how we already dress on a daily basis we both aren’t big on wanting or needing the latest piece that everyone else wants instead we want to sell the visions we have in our own minds and the products that we like, We see so many designers these days creating products they don’t like but they know they will be a hyped product.. well you wont get that from us!  As for the name of the brand it simply hit us out of nowhere the name Faded Studios came to me after we were both throwing back and forth names and it just felt right so we knew we had struck gold, We both felt that the name was perfect for a contemporary streetwear brand and could see people rocking the brands logo.

I have always dreamed about creating and owning a clothing brand but it always seemed to far out of reach I never thought I would be able to learn the skills that would be essential to survive, however I did not let that stop me after being in the fashion industry since 2008 I finally felt the time was right and I have now achieved what I once thought was impossible fully equipped with all the skills and knowledge I will need but that will not stop me I am constantly learning and expanding my mind on a daily basis to reach the next level.